SEER is a Brooklyn based duo consisting of Maroje T, the founder of the REMEDY parties, and M Parent, resident DJ and co-founder of the Modal Form nights. Within a week of meeting each other, SEER was in the studio conspiring together on a sound palette of danceable, low-swung, weirdo electronics. SEER’s primary focus is on their improvisational, live hardware shows, where broken beat 808 meets hip hop break and gnarled, trippy vocal samples swell with dissonant synth notes. In the last two years they have released three EPs, their debut on Berlin’s Machine Jazz and soon after, a release on Pittsburgh imprint, DETOUR. 2018 saw the release of their Chem Club EP, which has been charted by David Vunk, Lokier, and Mick Wills. SEER is currently building off this momentum with an as-yet-unannounced 4th release, which tentatively should be dropping this summer.